Bathtub Liner Installation

Cover up & beautify!

All bathtub liner systems are far from created equal. Did you know that only EasyCare Bath bathtub liners are made from non-porous Duracast XL Crosslined Acrylic? While in contract our competitors use inferior acrylic that's thinner and softer. This thinner, softer acrylic makes installation easier for them to install, but it scratches easier and can fade over time - wreaking havoc for you.

Our competitors' inferior acrylic simply can't match EasyCare Bath's high-standard acrylic for quality, strength, and most important to you - ease of cleaning and years of long lasting, brilliant beauty.

We're different, we're better, and we can prove it!

  • Measurably more beautiful. Only Easy Care bath products use DuraCast XL Crosslinked Acrylic. That's what gives us a measurable, 12% greater shine than the competition. That shine reflects the quality of the Easy Care Bath system.
  • Easy to maintain. The time you'll save will astonish you. No pores in our Duracast XL Crosslinked Acrylic means no Scrubbing for you.
  • Stronger, thicker Acrylic. Relax and enjoy that nice, long, & soothing bath! Because only EasyCare manufactures tub liners and shower pans using acrylic that is 400% stronger and 300 % thicker than the industry standard, your bath will stay warm longer, but most importantly your tub will last a lifetime.

Superior Bath System provides comprehensive expertise in bathroom remodeling, design, styles, & safety features with superior quality bathtubs and showers made from EasyCare. Contact our Fishers, IN office today to learn more!